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Review: Corning’s 33-foot Optical Thunderbolt cable allows you to move your Thunderbolt devices (or Mac) far away from your desk


I’m so happy this finally is making it to the market. The promise of Thunderbolt in the early days was that it was going to be faster than any other connector on the market. Now at long last we have the optical flavor of Thunderbolt slowly painfully making it out of development and out to manufacturing. Here now is a review of an optical Thunderbolt cable from Corning.

Originally posted on 9to5Mac:

Corning-thunderbolt-optical-cable-review The promise of the Thunderbolt standard is that it can deliver a lot of data over long distances very quickly for many types of devices. Unfortunately, that promise has been pretty slow to materialize, and the long distance piece of the equation has been particularly painful.

Corning is hoping to turn that around this year with the consumer launch of its Thunderbolt Optical Cables in 10 meter (33 foot), 30 meter (99 foot), and 60 meter (198 foot) sizes. With these lengths, you can put your Thunderbolt hard disk and arrays far away from your desk. If you have a Thunderbolt Display or a Thunderbolt dock, you can even move your Mac to the utility closet or basement and really clean up your desk space.

I’ve been using the 33-foot version for a few weeks and here’s my take:

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