Author: carpetbomberz

  • New Laws of Robotics proposed for kill-bots

    Robot warriors should be allowed to mix it up among themselves freely, autonomously deciding to blast enemy weapon systems. Many enemy “systems” would, of course, be themselves robots, so it’s clear that machine-on-machine violence isn’t a problem. The difficulty comes when the automatic battlers need to target humans… read more | digg story

  • Say goodbye Work Mate, say hello Work Center

    Now the old workmate from Stanley had some useful features. But the WorkBench is truly a marvel. It’s not just clamps, but a just big enough work surface. And there’s a power strip built right in. Sweet! read more | digg story

  • Hoo boy! The ignorati rule the earth

    I don’t know how anyone who cannot fix a Macintosh computer could ever hope to fix a problem on a Windows PeeCee. The dipper into many domains is the master of none. I’ve mastered no domains, but I have learned a few tricks. That’s why people think I’m smart. I’m not smart, just lucky. And […]

  • Dialectical,… indeed?!

    Let’s say you got a guy, some guy, a fellow who’s pretty well educated. He’s spent a lot of money on his education. And he’s a good student, worked really hard followed all the rules recommendations, didn’t take the lazy way out. Then say there’s this other guy, equally well-educated and has common interests with […]

  • Intel Unveils Its First Solid-State Drive – Technology News by InformationW

    Who knew? Intel is jumping in with both feet to compete agains the likes of Samsung and Sandisk. It’s going to be a wild, wilde ride. read more | digg story

  • Great Global Warming Swindle

    Martin Durkin has about as much credibility as any Holocaust Denial perpetrator, or any Kansas City School Board who wants to discredit Evolution because it has the word ‘theory’ in its title.

  • Podcast Gear and New Media Gear – Broadcast Mics

    The top 4 broadcast mics are compared head-to-head. Two Electro-Voice, 1 Heil and 1 Rode. Good demonstration of the Heil articulation bump. And a nice demonstration of the increasing scale of clarity and sibilance as you compare Rode, EV, and Heil mics. Mark and Laura do a good job with the comparison. read more | […]

  • Frontline: News War (Episode 3)

    In this episode we discover the economics that drive the so-called ‘News Business’. Apparently up until 1968-69 the networks ran their news divisions in the public interest as dictated by the FCC. Everything changed when CBS with Don Hewitt at the helm created “60 Minutes”, which turned a profit for the news division. It was […]

  • I inform people against their will

    Borrowed from the podcast of “This American Life” #326. Full attribution is a good thing. Mystery Hunt @ MIT. New Puzzles keep coming. There are no instructions but there is an answer. However in real life, outside of MIT, most problems don’t have an answer. Thirteen and half straight hours, 30 straight hours. Dave tells […]

  • Frontline: News War (Episode 2)

    The subtitle to this whole episode should be Caged Heat: Reporters in Jail Reporters are more and more being coerced into revealing sources for the stories they file at their respective newspapers and networks. Two reporters at the San Francisco Chronicle broke a story about the steroid scandal at BALCO (Bay Area Lab Coop), a […]