To carry or not to carry that is the question (Grocery shopping in the U.S.)

I’m a loyal customer to the brands I choose Presented for your approval. to you dear reader. These two seemingly benign mobile phone pics were taken from a nameless, faceless supermarket store chain (I will withhold their name for now). I have shopped at this store regularly since around 2005 or so and since at… Continue reading To carry or not to carry that is the question (Grocery shopping in the U.S.)

links for 2009-06-13

Index to Bemer's Computer History Vignettes The man who invented ASCII for IBM recounts some interactions of the early days of the Computer Industry (tags: computer history industry ibm amdahl unisys digital shortcut:computer) Lenel Systems International (tags: UofR security card access shortcut:security) Matrox DigiSuite (Real Time video) RealTime editing FX board (tags: video capture shortcut:video)… Continue reading links for 2009-06-13

links for 2009-06-12

Wilson Electronics, Inc. – Wilson Cellular Yagi Antenna (tags: mods mobile phone shortcut:network) ExpressionEngine | Overview This company is a hosting provider too and will include an install of the Expression Engine if you so desire (tags: blog cms software) NAVTEQ: GPS There is no more important provider of Map data than Navteq (tags: maps… Continue reading links for 2009-06-12

links for 2009-06-09

Grass Valley-Edius Used to be the premiere video board for editing Premiere with real time FX Preview on the PeeCee. (tags: video editing finishing shortcut:video) c|Net (tags: Windows daily news shortcut:news) Binocular Telescope Observatory (tags: large telescope astronomy Arizona) Berkeley C.S. Architecture (ARC) Berkeley's own department of computer architecture is legendary alongside that of Stanford.… Continue reading links for 2009-06-09

links for 2009-06-06

GEH Film Calendar Dryden Theatre film schedule (tags: rochester museum film calendar shortcut:movies) IEEE (Learning Technology Standards) IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee, Robby Robson and a number of other notables participated very heavily in this process to write and vote on specs for Course Management Systems. (tags: international elearning spec cms course management shortcut:specs) IMS… Continue reading links for 2009-06-06

links for 2009-06-05

M&D Mower This is where I used to buy snowblower parts for the little yardman snowblower (tags: mower parts snowblower shortcut:yard) PKI eduPerson (tags: security public key encryption infrastructure) SumTotal Formerly Click2Learn, this is a LMS used in higher education, now moving into the corporate online training market. (tags: instructional design courseware shortcut:learning management) UW… Continue reading links for 2009-06-05

Frontline: News War (Episode 3)

In this episode we discover the economics that drive the so-called ‘News Business’. Apparently up until 1968-69 the networks ran their news divisions in the public interest as dictated by the FCC. Everything changed when CBS with Don Hewitt at the helm created “60 Minutes”, which turned a profit for the news division. It was… Continue reading Frontline: News War (Episode 3)