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  • ‘Gods’ Make Comeback at Toyota as Humans Steal Jobs From Robots – Bloomberg

    “We need to become more solid and get back to basics, to sharpen our manual skills and further develop them,” said Kawai, a half century-long company veteran tapped by President Akio Toyoda to promote craftsmanship at Toyota’s plants. “When I was a novice, experienced masters used to be called gods, and they could make anything.” […]


  • To carry or not to carry that is the question (Grocery shopping in the U.S.)

    I’m a loyal customer to the brands I choose Presented for your approval. to you dear reader. These two seemingly benign mobile phone pics were taken from a nameless, faceless supermarket store chain (I will withhold their name for now). I have shopped at this store regularly since around 2005 or so and since at […]

  • GreenArrays, Inc.

    GreenArrays, Inc..

  • CMOS sensor inventor Eric Fossum discusses digital image sensors: Digital Photography Review

    Slight change of pace this week leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday. There’s a great video out there for all to see from the creator of the CMOS imaging chip (second generation digital imaging device according to his slides). Dr. Eric Fossum talks a little about the implications of cheap image senors, then talks about the technical challenge of getting around CCD’s limitations.

  • Always nice to get an update on the elmcity project from Jon Udell. It is the ‘calendar’ of calendars and a great project showing how one can leverage open data, but at the same time confront some technological challenges too. Jon Udell As I review and improve the elmcity hubs in selected cities, I am […]

  • U.S. Requests for Google User Data Spike 29 Percent in Six Months | Threat Level |

    In a fight between Superman and Spiderman who would win? That’s a game we used to play as kids. Nowadays the question is more like in a fight between your personal data and a Government request to Google to access that data who would win? All evidence points to you being the loser. Read On:

  • Originally posted on High Tech History:
    This past June, fellow High Tech History writer Gil Press wrote an entry  in recognition of International Business Machines’ centennial. In the interim, I came across a documentary created by noted filmmaker Errol Morris  for IBM that draws on the experiences of, among others, the corporation’s former technicians and executives to tell…

  • Originally posted on Erik Duval's Weblog:
    Wolfgang Greller made some interesting comments on his blog about an interview with me on Learning Analytics. I’m a bit puzzled by his remark that Duval being a computer scientist strongly believes in the power of data and the revelations it holds. Actually, I am not sure what would…

  • Pioneering Campus CIOs Say Necessity Drives Shift to Cloud — Campus Technology

    Pioneering Campus CIOs Say Necessity Drives Shift to Cloud By David Raths 10/25/11 A recent survey of campus IT leaders suggested that most colleges and universities are still gun shy about cloud computing. Yet if attendance at conference meetings is any gauge, there is widespread curiosity about the experience of early adopters. via Pioneering Campus […]

  • The 20 Most Notable Engineers of All Time | High Tech History

    You’ve probably never really thought about electricity very hard. But consider how quickly things jumped ahead just after the invention of the telegraph and Michael Faraday & James Clerk Maxwell’s work on electricity. Eventually wireless telegraphy, wireless radio and vacuum tubes would all crowd one another in the imaginations of a few budding inventors. I’m thinking of guys like Lee De Forest Edwin and Howard Armstrong the fellows chiefly responsible for creating circuits for radio receivers, without which radio transmitters would have been useless over long distances. Read On: