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  • AnandTech – Applied Micros X-Gene: The First ARMv8 SoC

    While everyone was focusing on the ARM v.7 (current generatation) chip architecture, APM has been focused on the 64bit ARM v.8 which promises to herald a new era of low power with Server level features. By estimates made in the article APM has a 1 year lead on any other current licensees of ARM designs. And with any luck they will be sampling products that meet their performance targets in March of 2012 (albeit in FPGA eval form) Read On:


  • OS X 10.6 – 64bits? Meh.

    Different Mac websites have been touting the advantages of upgrading to the latest version of the Mac OS. It’s known as Snow Leopard, OS X 10.6 and so forth. But what great re-engineering lies within the new OS cannot be easily tapped by us average users. Why? There’s lots of gotchas and dependencies to get a 64bit clean piece of hardware to use the 64bit clean software.