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  • Apple admits to eating ‘iPad chip designer’ • The Register

    Last week Apple’s secret purchase of th ARM chip designer, Intrinisity came out. All indications are A4 is a pre-existing project titled Hummingird which was a Samsung/Intrinsity project to create a cell phone CPU. If A4 is the Hummingbird or very much like it, little wonder then that it is so efficient with the battery, does this mean A4 could show up in an Apple iPhone?


  • AppleInsider | Inside the iPad: Apples A4 processor

    AppleInsider calls a few strikes against hyperbole and supposition found in articles written about the Apple iPad A4 processor. Here now is a more likely accounting of what Apple’s chip design mergers and acquisitions really bought for the iPad development team.

  • Apple A4 processor really stripped-down Cortex A8? | Electronista

    Following further articles published on the Apple iPad cpu, new reports are surfacing the custom CPU Apple created called the A4 may be an ARM Cortex A8 single core cpu with integrated graphics GPU and controller logic.

  • AppleInsider | Custom Apple A4 iPad chip estimated to be $1 billion investment

    What’s the point of licensing computer chip designs from another company if it costs about the 1/3 the price of building it yourself? That seems like a rhetorical question, but I always assumed that people who licensed technology from ARM holdings were aiming to save tons of money compared to fabricating the chips themselves. So how does the Apple iPad A4 cpu figure into this? Well it’s a custom CPU, but according to NYTimes creating a new cpu is serious business.