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  • Toshiba unwraps 24nm flash memory in possible iPhone 5 clue | Electronista

    Everyone wants to know when the next iPhone is coming out. And manufacturers of components that typically go into making an iPhone continue to do research and development on their components to make them more attractive to the high end manufacturers. Apple is very demanding and rewarding when it comes to Flash memory production. They command more product volume than any manufacturer out there. But in spite of all this activity what’s been happening with each new revision of the Flash memory production lines.

  • Bye, Flip. We’ll Miss You | Epicenter | Wired.com

    I’m not just a fan, I’ve owned a few video cameras as new technology has displaced the old. First there was 8mm, then miniDV, and then the solid state revolution as exemplified by Pure Digital’s once disposable video camera. It was a project created for a drug store chain, but hackers showed the company their product could be easily adapted to consumer electronics device. The rest they say is history, and so too now is the Flip.

  • AppleInsider | Expanded GPU support in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.6.7 hints at future Mac hardware

    It may surprise some PC Fanboys but on a tower based Macintosh Pro, you cannot just throw any old graphics card into that machine install drivers and expect it to work, Oh Noes. It is like this, Apple tests hardware in small quantities that works with its hardware, engineers samples that Apple will sell as configurable items shipped with sales of new machines. You might get a choice of 3 cards in total with a new machine. After market pickings are even slimmer, and completely dependent on AMD/ATI who have to purpose build and ship a Mac-only version of a graphics card that might be slightly newer or faster (usually not though) version of a 2-3 generation old PC graphics card. It’s insulting. But hope springs eternal, and I see this news story as a ray of light for the Mac Fanboys.

  • TidBITS Opinion: A Eulogy for the Xserve: May It Rack in Peace

    Apple has announced the End of Life (EOL) for its Xserve product line. There will still be spare parts for a while yet, and some pay for support options available. But the era of the Xserve only lasted from 2002 to 2011. Xserve we hardly knew ye’.

  • Apple admits to eating ‘iPad chip designer’ • The Register

    Last week Apple’s secret purchase of th ARM chip designer, Intrinisity came out. All indications are A4 is a pre-existing project titled Hummingird which was a Samsung/Intrinsity project to create a cell phone CPU. If A4 is the Hummingbird or very much like it, little wonder then that it is so efficient with the battery, does this mean A4 could show up in an Apple iPhone?

  • Apple A4 processor really stripped-down Cortex A8? | Electronista

    Following further articles published on the Apple iPad cpu, new reports are surfacing the custom CPU Apple created called the A4 may be an ARM Cortex A8 single core cpu with integrated graphics GPU and controller logic.

  • AppleInsider | Custom Apple A4 iPad chip estimated to be $1 billion investment

    What’s the point of licensing computer chip designs from another company if it costs about the 1/3 the price of building it yourself? That seems like a rhetorical question, but I always assumed that people who licensed technology from ARM holdings were aiming to save tons of money compared to fabricating the chips themselves. So how does the Apple iPad A4 cpu figure into this? Well it’s a custom CPU, but according to NYTimes creating a new cpu is serious business.

  • 64GBytes is the new normal (game change on the way)

    Flash memory is tearing up the charts these days with new form factors and sizes being announced at least once a year. And the bleeding edge consumer of those new modules is usually Apple. But new video cameras have adopted the new memory modules as the SDXC memory card format. So 64GB is going to be standard real soon now for both the iPhone and for camera manufacturers I think.

  • Apple web tablet on the way???

    Without a doubt everyone is falling all over themselves to post hints and whispers from China about new Apple products. This weeks rumor is, yet again, announcing a forthcoming Apple tablet pc. What is more interesting to me is the underlying guts of the machine. This tablet will not use the Intel Atom processor like so many other netbooks, but will be using a cell phone derived processor from the company Apple acquired 2 years ago called PA Semiconductor. If Apple uses a custom CPU in the tablet pc, what is the likely benefit?

  • My GAF Viewmaster Viewer

    Beware! There be Futurists about all weekend long as the Apple WWDC starts next week. Everyone wants a scoop, or an opportunity to wax philosophical and all. O’Reilly Radar is there to wax with the best of ’em.