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  • Buzzword: Augmented Reality

    What it means. “Augmented reality” sounds very “Star Trek,” but what is it, exactly? In short, AR is defined as “an artificial environment created through the combination of real-world and computer-generated data.” via Buzzword: Augmented Reality. Nice little survey from the people at Consumer Reports, with specific examples given from the Consumer Electronics Show this […]

  • CES 2011: Corsair Performance Series 3 SSD Benchmarks – AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

    Future performance rates of PCIe based Flash Memory drives is going through the roof based on the torrid pace of development at SandForce. They make the leading flash memory controller for SSDs and PCIe based SSD drives. And the rate of change in each generation of shipping product is scaling up much faster than anyone is ready for. Sustained reads and writes for single SSDs using SF-2000 controllers is quoted at around 500MB/s. As one person noted on a forum recently Flash Memory at this rate is getting close the PC-133 DRAM speeds (and I still have a Apple Titanium Laptop that uses PC-133). Truly the hard drive has been eclipsed, hello Solid State Disk.