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  • Xen hypervisor ported to ARM chips • The Register

    Open Source software is a good barometer by which to measure the ‘interest’ or adoption rate of some chip architectures. The availability of a Xen Hypervisor for the ARM15 is a good sign that some folks have development boards on which to compile the software for the virtualization software (Xen). Considering this then, hopefully more software support for the new ARM15 will spur some testing and development work amongst the big datacenter providers who are looking to save energy costs long term by using lower power ARM cpus (MORE)


  • Samsung: 2 GHz Cortex-A15 Exynos 5250 Chip

    Like during the Cold War, there’s always a technology arms race going on in the background. This arms race literally is between licensees of ARM Holdings Inc. ARM cpu architecture. Samsung vs. Apple and now Samsung is starting up work using the latest ARM Cortex A15 cpu. While there are some interesting new features available within the A15 Samsung appears to be aiming straight at the performance high end. Read On:

  • AnandTech – Applied Micros X-Gene: The First ARMv8 SoC

    While everyone was focusing on the ARM v.7 (current generatation) chip architecture, APM has been focused on the 64bit ARM v.8 which promises to herald a new era of low power with Server level features. By estimates made in the article APM has a 1 year lead on any other current licensees of ARM designs. And with any luck they will be sampling products that meet their performance targets in March of 2012 (albeit in FPGA eval form) Read On: