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  • Facebook Opens Up Hardware World With Magic Hinge | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com

    Codenamed “Knox,” Facebook’s storage prototype holds 30 hard drives in two separate trays, and it fits into a nearly 8-foot-tall data center rack, also designed by Facebook.The trick is that even if Knox sits at the top of the rack — above your head — you can easily add and remove drives. You can slide […]


  • Artur Bergman Wikia on SSDs @ OReilly Media Conferences/Don Bazile CEO of Violin Memory

    Most recently I have detected a disturbance in the Force. Teh Purveyors of the predominant Data Center paradigm large drive arrays costing 100,000 dollars and up are going to have their lunch eaten by a young upstart. Hitachi Data Systems, EMC, NetApp and IBM you better watch out, you better not cry, you better be faster ‘cuz I’m a tellin’ ya’ why.

  • EMC’s all-flash benediction: Turbulence ahead • The Register

    All the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) spread by big legacy manufacturers of hard drive storage in the data center is a way to stem or delay the burgeoning tidal wave of Flash memory based storage. Yes the economics of Flash based storage are not quite there yet, but for the high performance, high throughput folks the future is now.

  • Microsoft Research Watch: AI, NoSQL and Microsoft’s Big Data Future

    Microsoft has a Cloud Data platform entitled Azure that competes with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). However beyond just having a product offering out there to let people use their C# development environment for making cloud based applications, there doesn’t seem to be a greater grander goal. Or is there,…

  • EDS mainframe goes titsup, crashes RBS cheque system • The Register

    Outsourcing datacenters is very popular and lucrative depending on your bottom-line requirements. Nobody wants to manage anyone with that level of skill and salary, especially when it comes to benefits. So keeping your skilled workers to a minimum is a way of saving money. But when your datacenter goes down for 12 hours, you lose money.