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  • Fusion-io demos billion IOPS server config • The Register

    Fusion-io has achieved a billion IOPS from eight servers in a demonstration at the DEMO Enterprise event in San Francisco. The cracking performance needed just eight HP DL370 G6 servers, running Linux on two, 6-core Intel processors, 96GB RAM. Each server was fitted with eight 2.4TB ioDrive2 Duo PCIE flash drives; thats 19.2TB of […]


  • EMC’s all-flash benediction: Turbulence ahead • The Register

    All the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) spread by big legacy manufacturers of hard drive storage in the data center is a way to stem or delay the burgeoning tidal wave of Flash memory based storage. Yes the economics of Flash based storage are not quite there yet, but for the high performance, high throughput folks the future is now.

  • TMS flash array blows Big Blue away • The Register

    While flash memory chips cost more per Gigabyte to store data than a comparable spinning disk drive, we’re not talking about that at all. We’re talking about fast blinding speed of Input/Output operations, reading and writing data. And for that Flash Memory Chips are king of the hill, and now have the benchmarks to prove it once and for all time.

  • Viking Modular plugs flash chips into memory sockets • The Register

    I remember the old days when computers ‘re-used’ the system level RAM memory for video on the computer. However the performance disadvantage of doing this was readily apparent when Intel developed video bus technologies VESA Local Bus, AGP, PCIe. So I’m a little surprised a company has developed Flash memory modules for the RAM memory slots on a PC motherboard. What do they hope to gain by building this hybrid disk, memory module. How is seen by the OS? Is it a disk or is RAM memory, many questions.

  • Toshiba unwraps 24nm flash memory in possible iPhone 5 clue | Electronista

    Everyone wants to know when the next iPhone is coming out. And manufacturers of components that typically go into making an iPhone continue to do research and development on their components to make them more attractive to the high end manufacturers. Apple is very demanding and rewarding when it comes to Flash memory production. They command more product volume than any manufacturer out there. But in spite of all this activity what’s been happening with each new revision of the Flash memory production lines.

  • Disk I/O: PCI Based SSDs (via makeitfaster)

    If you want an experts view of the currently shipping crop of PCIe Flash cards, here is a great survey from the blog makeitfaster.

  • PCIe based Flash caches

    A chain of press releases from Flash memory product manufacturers has led me to an interesting conclusion. We already have Flash caches in the datacenter. How soon will they be on the desktop? Intel’s SpeedBoost cache was a joke compared to Fusion-io’s PCI cards. What might happen if every computer had no disk drive, but used a really high speed Flash memory cache instead?

  • Which way the wind blows: Flash Memory in the Data Center

    There are some new markets in Flash solid state disks opening up at the Enterprise storage level. But who and what can we expect? STEC was the darling last year. Fusion-io the darling this year. Next year? LSI? Micron?

  • Next Flash Version Will Support Private Browsing

    Adobe Flash as a web browser plug-in may see it’s dominance wane. Time to ditch the plug-in and make a Multimedia Web Browser once and for all time.

  • 64GBytes is the new normal (game change on the way)

    Flash memory is tearing up the charts these days with new form factors and sizes being announced at least once a year. And the bleeding edge consumer of those new modules is usually Apple. But new video cameras have adopted the new memory modules as the SDXC memory card format. So 64GB is going to be standard real soon now for both the iPhone and for camera manufacturers I think.