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  • From Big Data to NoSQL: Part 3 (ReadWriteWeb.com)

    While I am not a DB admin, I do appreciate the wealth of new database projects spawned by the likes of Google’s MapReduce/BigTables architecture. Similarly the non-traditional Nonrelational DBs are also very interesting and prove that there’s always a right tool for the right job. Though some programmers and developers will continuously try to hammer each nail with MySQL, there options for them are increasing. Whether it’s scale, load, malleability there’s a NoSQL/NewSQL product that will do the job.

  • From Big Data to NoSQL: Part 2 (from ReadWriteWeb)

    ReadWriteWeb’s part 2 of a series of surveys looking at the tools being developed for real-time analytics, data stream processing and Big Data in general. I don’t know what the database of the future will look like, but they’ll call it NoSQL.