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  • AnandTech – Testing OpenCL Accelerated Handbrake with AMD’s Trinity

    AMD, and NVIDIA before it, has been trying to convince us of the usefulness of its GPUs for general purpose applications for years now. For a while it seemed as if video transcoding would be the killer application for GPUs, that was until Intel’s Quick Sync showed up last year. via AnandTech – What We’ve […]


  • AnandTech – AMD Radeon HD 7970 Review: 28nm And Graphics Core Next, Together As One

    Quick Sync made real-time H.264 encoding practical on even low-power devices, and made GPU encoding redundant at the time. AMD of course isn’t one to sit idle, and they have been hard at work at their own implementation of that technology: the Video Codec Engine VCE. via AnandTech – AMD Radeon HD 7970 Review: 28nm […]

  • On the verge of H.264

    It’s no secret Robert X. Cringely follows the strategic directions of Apple’s laptop/desktop design teams: Ctrl-Alt-Del Oct. 20, 2008 The Eyes Have It Aug.1, 2008 Let the Chips Fall July 12, 2007 The Great Apple Video Encoder Attack of 2007 Mar 8, 2007 In Robert X. Cringley’s recent posting on PBS.org brings up the topic […]