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  • Seagates LaCie touts a 25TB not a typo box o disks for your DESK • The Register

    Seagate subsidiary LaCie has launched a set of external storage boxes using a 5TB Seagate hard drive – even though disk maker Seagate hasn’t officially launched a 5TB part. via Seagates LaCie touts a 25TB not a typo box o disks for your DESK • The Register. There isn’t a whole lot in the way […]


  • Facebook Shakes Hardware World With Own Storage Gear | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com

    Now, Facebook has provided a new option for these big name Wall Street outfits. But Krey also says that even among traditional companies who can probably benefit from this new breed of hardware, the project isn’t always met with open arms. “These guys have done things the same way for a long time,” he tells […]

  • MIT boffin: Salted disks hold SIX TIMES more data • The Register

    Disk drive technology has gone through revolutions and evolution at different times in its history of manufacture. From the introduction of the original IBM RAMAC to the newest 4TByte SATA hard drive progress has always been made towards higher densities at the least and higher speed access at the most. Now conventional magnetic recording techniques are hitting a plateau of density. The best we might be able to achieve is 1TByte per disk platter. But wait, there’s still hope, and that hope may be in Bit Patterned Media and there may be a cheap way to do it. Read On:

  • OCZ Launches PCIe-Based HDD/SDD Hybrid Drive

    As OCZ attempts to innovate even faster, they’re bringing to market interesting niche products that create whole new product classes. PCIe Flash drives have been cranking out the jams, tearing up the charts especially those branded by Fusion-io. OCZ has also brought a number of PCIe flash-only drives to market with better and better performance rankings with each new generation. But price is always a concern, so the threshold for adopting PCIe has been very high. Enter the hybrid, Flash+HDD in one PCIe card.

  • Drive suppliers hit capacity increase difficulties • The Register

    I remember coming to work each morning reading about new product announcements at regular intervals for desktop computers. Those days were rather heady, faster and faster CPUs, GPUs, Bigger HDDs. Now CPUs are speed limited, and HDDs are space limited. How are we to keep up the torrid pace of change?