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  • OCZ Launches PCIe-Based HDD/SDD Hybrid Drive

    As OCZ attempts to innovate even faster, they’re bringing to market interesting niche products that create whole new product classes. PCIe Flash drives have been cranking out the jams, tearing up the charts especially those branded by Fusion-io. OCZ has also brought a number of PCIe flash-only drives to market with better and better performance rankings with each new generation. But price is always a concern, so the threshold for adopting PCIe has been very high. Enter the hybrid, Flash+HDD in one PCIe card.

  • Seagate, Toshiba to Make SSD + HDD Hybrid?

    We saw a quick and unceremonious demise to Microsoft’s ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive technology released at the dawn of the Vista era. Flash caches on the motherboard or worse yet, reusing a Flash memory stick as a disk cache never caught on. But now Seagate’s revisiting the idea of a hybrid hard drive by marrying an SSD and HDD into one logical disk. Is it as fast as an SSD? Is it cheaper than an SSD? Let’s take a look.