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  • Apple A5X CPU in Review

    A meta-analysis of the Apple A5X system on chip (from the currently shipping 3rd Gen iPad) New Ipad’s A5X beats NIVIDIA Tegra 3 in some tests (MacNN|Electronista) Apple’s A5X Die (and Size?) Revealed¬†(Anandtech.com) Chip analysis reveals subtle changes to new iPad innards (AppleInsider-quoting Anandtech) Apple A5X Die Size Measured: 162.94mm^2, Samsung 45nm LP Confirmed (Update […]


  • AppleInsider | Apple seen merging iOS, Mac OS X with custom A6 chip in 2012

    In the bad old days of 1996 when Apple’s marketshare hit rock bottom, everyone fled to Windows 95 en masse. Disparaging the Mac OS every single one of the ‘professional’ technical press predicted the end of Apple. Oh, how wrong they were and the Mac loyal fan-base crowed and shouted with joy that Apple has now achieved a terrific comeback. But, whither the loyal fan-base from days gone by from the Dark Ages pre-Steve, 1996? They will all become part of the iOS collective, they too will be assimilated. Read On:

  • Genius Inventor Alan Kay Reveals All then gets stiffed by the App Store

    After the release of the iPad, Tom’s Hardware posted an article By Wolfgang Gruener about the History of Computing as it relates to the iPad. We get to meet Alan Kay the Computer Scientist who proposed the “Dynabook” an intellectual predecessor to the iPad. Alan Kay and Steve Jobs are friends in fact and get along very well. Until last week that is when a big problem occurred when another invention of Alan Kay’s the Squeak programming language ran into the Apple App Store. How did this happen? Read On

  • AppleInsider | Inside the iPad: Apples A4 processor

    AppleInsider calls a few strikes against hyperbole and supposition found in articles written about the Apple iPad A4 processor. Here now is a more likely accounting of what Apple’s chip design mergers and acquisitions really bought for the iPad development team.

  • iPad release imminent – caveat emptor

    iPad is all anyone will be talking about for a while. And since I’ve tried to write about its innovations or lack of ‘true’ innovations (jacking up clockspeed is not an innovation) now comes time where real people get to weigh in. But that’s not me, I haven’t used an iPad. So I’ll try to aggregate the stories of people who have.

  • Apple A4 processor really stripped-down Cortex A8? | Electronista

    Following further articles published on the Apple iPad cpu, new reports are surfacing the custom CPU Apple created called the A4 may be an ARM Cortex A8 single core cpu with integrated graphics GPU and controller logic.

  • AppleInsider | Custom Apple A4 iPad chip estimated to be $1 billion investment

    What’s the point of licensing computer chip designs from another company if it costs about the 1/3 the price of building it yourself? That seems like a rhetorical question, but I always assumed that people who licensed technology from ARM holdings were aiming to save tons of money compared to fabricating the chips themselves. So how does the Apple iPad A4 cpu figure into this? Well it’s a custom CPU, but according to NYTimes creating a new cpu is serious business.

  • Apple A4 SOC unveiled – It’s an ARM CPU and the GPU! – Bright Side Of News*

    “iPad is powered by our own custom silicon. We have an incredible group that does custom silicon at Apple,” company co-founder Steve Jobs said during Wednesday’s keynote. “We have a chip called A4, which is our most advanced chip we’ve ever done that powers the iPad. It’s got the processor, the graphics, the I/O, the memory controller — everything in this one chip, and it screams.”