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  • Intel readying MIC x64 coprocessor for 2012 • The Register

    There’s a recent article written comparing the Spec Marks for the Tilera GX series cpus to Intel’s Atom N270 for the first time. Some of these architectures are finally seeing the light of day, running an OS with a test suite to see how they perform. But still Intel is secretly slaving away on it’s answer to Tilera. What will come of this nobody knows because it is even further away from shipping than Tilera GX processors. Reminds me a little of the whole Larrabee time to market problem.


  • Intel Gets Graphic with Chip Delay – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com

    Intel’s executives were quite brash when talking about Larrabee even though most of its public appearances were made on PowerPoint slides. They said that Larrabee would roar onto the scene and outperform competing products. via Intel Gets Graphic with Chip Delay – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com. And so now finally the NY Times nails the […]

  • More word on Larrabee, the i740 of new GPUs

    Larrabee is getting larger and later. These are not desirable traits if you are competing in a market dominated by nVidia and AMD. You have to have to on time, no bigger than other competitors GPUs as die size is a huge cost variable. Lastly you have to compete on price. If as Intel is doing you make the product so many things to so many people, and make it outperform products ‘currently’ available,… In two years there will be on market for your product.