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  • Daring Fireball: Mountain Lion

    And then the reveal: Mac OS X — sorry, OS X — is going on an iOS-esque one-major-update-per-year development schedule. This year’s update is scheduled for release in the summer, and is ready now for a developer preview release. Its name is Mountain Lion.1 via Daring Fireball: Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion is the next iteration […]


  • TidBITS Macs & Mac OS X: Apple Reveals More about Mac OS X Lion

    Here’s hoping Apple can continue to support both mobile OSes and traditional desktop computer OSes far into the future. Reading about the hidden goodies in OS X 10.7 has made me feel a good deal more positive about Mac OS X. And it’s very likely I will buy a new Mac with 10.7 pre-installed to gain the full benefits of the software and the new Intel i7 chips shipping in the new laptops.