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  • AnandTech – Intel and Micron IMFT Announce Worlds First 128Gb 20nm MLC NAND

    There’s a point of diminishing return for Flash memory where further shrinking the chips makes them less and less durable over time. Which has led me to believe there’s a ‘plateau’ of size/durability that will soon be reached by most Flash memory manufacturers. However Intel’s deep reserve of research in silicon semiconductors is helping lead the charge to the next generation of more dense, smaller Flash memory and Micron is partnering with them to help

  • Micron intros SSD speed king • The Register

    The market for SSDs is expanding and a few notable players are starting the leverage their consumer products by re-engineering proven designs as enterprise level hardware. Micron is moving the old RealSSD C300 into the RealSSD P300 and hoping to reap a big, high margin enterprise windfall.