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  • Apple lineup: The Netbook is already here.

    Say you that own a cell phone and you’re already an AT&T subscriber. You envy all your friends who have purchased iPhones, but you know AT&T forces you to buy a pretty substantial data plan to connect that iPhone to the Internet where you may roam. That’s bee the single biggest deal breaker for me since the iPhone was introduced. So what if you could have an iPhone (sort of) without paying for the Data Plan?


  • Apple web tablet on the way???

    Without a doubt everyone is falling all over themselves to post hints and whispers from China about new Apple products. This weeks rumor is, yet again, announcing a forthcoming Apple tablet pc. What is more interesting to me is the underlying guts of the machine. This tablet will not use the Intel Atom processor like so many other netbooks, but will be using a cell phone derived processor from the company Apple acquired 2 years ago called PA Semiconductor. If Apple uses a custom CPU in the tablet pc, what is the likely benefit?

  • PowerVR maker – Imagination Inc.

    Intel and Apple are making big bets on the mobile graphics market. Look at the percentage of ownership they both have in the company called Imagination. They make the graphics core used in the iPhone and the Palm Pre. Intel has yet to use the PowerVR architecture in any products

  • “Pine Trail”-Intel’s next Atom CPU revision

    Netbooks are a computing platform to reckon with. You only need to look at total sales over the last year to see it’s the only growth area for Intel and the computer manufacturers. I think the performance of Intel Atom CPU’s while not perfect is ‘good enough’. The next target for improvement is to give netbooks the cell phone-like ability to conserve the battery. Maybe Pine Trail can do that.