Birck Nanotechnology Center – Ferroelectric RAM

The FeTRAMs are similar to state-of-the-art ferroelectric random access memories, FeRAMs, which are in commercial use but represent a relatively small part of the overall semiconductor market. Both use ferroelectric material to store information in a nonvolatile fashion, but unlike FeRAMS, the new technology allows for nondestructive readout, meaning information can be read without losing… Continue reading Birck Nanotechnology Center – Ferroelectric RAM

Revolutionise computer memory – New Scientist

I used to follow all the achievements and exploits of the research departments working on advances in non-volatile memories (anything not DRAM). Magneto Resistive materials looked very promising both Magnetic RAM and Ferro-Electric RAM had been worked on for years. But each new project seemed to spur others on to look for different techniques and materials. So the New Scientist has surveyed the landscape and is reporting back it’s findings. What technology will ultimately win the race?