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  • OCZ Launches PCIe-Based HDD/SDD Hybrid Drive

    As OCZ attempts to innovate even faster, they’re bringing to market interesting niche products that create whole new product classes. PCIe Flash drives have been cranking out the jams, tearing up the charts especially those branded by Fusion-io. OCZ has also brought a number of PCIe flash-only drives to market with better and better performance rankings with each new generation. But price is always a concern, so the threshold for adopting PCIe has been very high. Enter the hybrid, Flash+HDD in one PCIe card.


  • OCZ samples twin-core ARM SSD controller • The Register

    OCZ is swiftly moving up the charts of manufacturers attempting to differentiate product at the consumer level. Between the PCIe based RevoDrives and this new announcement of it’s own Flash memory controller it appears they are out front on the performance and future performance fronts. Here’s to any manufacturer who decides to not just license SandForce controllers but also design and produce their own.

  • New OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD Achieves Record

    There’s no other way to accomplish fast throughput than to adopt the latest greatest technologies and in SSDs that is a SandForce flash memory controller. Since the release of their 2000 series controller SandForce has proven they have got a sizable lead over their competitors in flat-out Read/Write speeds. What then would happen if you took this technology and followed it to its logical conclusion? Check it out:

  • AnandTech – OCZ Agility 3 240GB Review

    The upgrade market for Windows PCs is still very strong and budget concerns are almost always a preeminent when shopping for an upgrade. From CPU to Memory to Harddrives, a Solid State Disk is still a sure way of increasing the Windows Experience Score for your Windows 7 PC. Now OCZ is trying to drive the new SandForce 2xxx series controller into a lower price level product. Enter the OCZ Agility Solid State Disk:

  • OCZ Vertex 3 Preview – AnandTech

    SandForce has been working on the SF-2000 series drive controllers for the Flash memory disk market for a while. Hints and whispers indicated as did previous generation products, that the newest controller from SandForce would be wildly expensive, but also incredibly fast as well. However, while the OCZ Vertex 3 Pro more or less confirmed the hints and whispers, the ‘consumer’ grade OCZ Vertex 3 (non-Pro) has toppled all those suspicions. We now have on the market a high end, but not outrageously priced SATA 6 drive that can achieve 500MB/s Read/Write throughput. Can PCIe based drives be far behind?

  • Next-Gen SandForce Controller Seen on OCZ SSD

    More follow up on the brief hints at the SandForce SF-2000 series SSD drive controller. More details are coming out about the expected range of performance of SSDs using the chip. Hopefully it will see some fast uptake by the bigger manufacturers of the PCIe based SSD drives, thus sending computer performance to a whole new level in terms of blistering fast read/write speeds to the mass storage device.

  • A Quick Look at OCZ’s RevoDrive x2 – AnandTech

        What OCZ (and other companies) ultimately need to do is introduce a SSD controller with a native PCI Express interface (or something else other than SATA). SandForce’s recent SF-2000 announcement showed us that SATA is an interface that simply can’t keep up with SSD controller evolution. At peak read/write speed of 500MB/s, even […]