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  • Daring Fireball: Mountain Lion

    And then the reveal: Mac OS X — sorry, OS X — is going on an iOS-esque one-major-update-per-year development schedule. This year’s update is scheduled for release in the summer, and is ready now for a developer preview release. Its name is Mountain Lion.1 via Daring Fireball: Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion is the next iteration […]


  • AppleInsider | Apple seen merging iOS, Mac OS X with custom A6 chip in 2012

    In the bad old days of 1996 when Apple’s marketshare hit rock bottom, everyone fled to Windows 95 en masse. Disparaging the Mac OS every single one of the ‘professional’ technical press predicted the end of Apple. Oh, how wrong they were and the Mac loyal fan-base crowed and shouted with joy that Apple has now achieved a terrific comeback. But, whither the loyal fan-base from days gone by from the Dark Ages pre-Steve, 1996? They will all become part of the iOS collective, they too will be assimilated. Read On:

  • OS X 10.6 – 64bits? Meh.

    Different Mac websites have been touting the advantages of upgrading to the latest version of the Mac OS. It’s known as Snow Leopard, OS X 10.6 and so forth. But what great re-engineering lies within the new OS cannot be easily tapped by us average users. Why? There’s lots of gotchas and dependencies to get a 64bit clean piece of hardware to use the 64bit clean software.