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  • My love letter to Public Television

    Nothing I have ever done or will ever do could come close to matching what PBS has done for millions of American kids and now adults. We came to TV just after Newton N. Minow indicted commercial television producers in May 1961 at the National Association of Broadcasters. And we reaped the benefits I think…

  • TidBITS: Welcome to Internet U, via Video

    I was raised on the most successful initiatives from Public Television, or ETV as it was previously known (E standing for Educational of course). Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and Reading Rainbow were my bread and butter as a kid. via TidBITS Just for Fun: Welcome to Internet U, via Video. I couldn’t…

  • Potential Energy (K sub p)

    What do you do when you see a TV show that motivates you to question the decisions you have made? Do you just let it pass? Or do you recognize yourself in the lives you’ve been watching, and DO something about it.