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  • Distracting chatter is useful. But thanks to RSS (remember that?) it’s optional. (via Jon Udell)

    I too am a big believer in RSS. And while I am dipping toes into Facebook and Twitter the bulk of my consumption goes into the big Blogroll I’ve amassed and refined going back to Radio Userland days in 2002. When I left the pageview business I walked away from an engine that had, for […]


  • Personal data stores and pub/sub networks – O’Reilly Radar

    My data belong to me not to the services I decide to participate in. But that’s not how the services do things generally. What would an ideal world look like where I could keep all my personal profile information in one spot and subscribe to services through that hub?

  • The Ask.com Blog: Bloglines Update

    Is RSS consumed from a ‘standalone’ RSS reader a evolutionary dead-end for consuming content? Well, what do you think?!