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  • SanDisk Crams 128GB on microSD Card: A World First

    This week during Mobile World Congress 2014, SanDisk introduced the world’s highest capacity microSDXC memory card, weighing a hefty 128 GB. That’s a huge leap in storage compared to the 128 MB microSD card launched 10 years ago. via SanDisk Crams 128GB on microSD Card: A World First. Amazing to think how small the form […]


  • 64GBytes is the new normal (game change on the way)

    Flash memory is tearing up the charts these days with new form factors and sizes being announced at least once a year. And the bleeding edge consumer of those new modules is usually Apple. But new video cameras have adopted the new memory modules as the SDXC memory card format. So 64GB is going to be standard real soon now for both the iPhone and for camera manufacturers I think.

  • Toshiba Announces World’s Largest SD Card – Gadgetwise Blog – NYTimes.com

    Memory card formats have been a moving target, and as a result have tended to shape the devices that adopted certain formats. In cases like the Sony memory cards, it’s been a way to monopolize the accessory sales market for their devices. But the SD card format at least has been just about agnostic in terms of platform support. Now there’s a new SD card format, hopefully it won’t upset the boat.