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  • Seagates LaCie touts a 25TB not a typo box o disks for your DESK • The Register

    Seagate subsidiary LaCie has launched a set of external storage boxes using a 5TB Seagate hard drive – even though disk maker Seagate hasn’t officially launched a 5TB part. via Seagates LaCie touts a 25TB not a typo box o disks for your DESK • The Register. There isn’t a whole lot in the way […]


  • Seagate unveils first-ever 3TB external drive | Electronista

    Every few months it seems a HDD manufacturer has to release a new product that is faster or more dense than currently shipping products. As the war of the densities has been waged we marveled at each new generation of outlandishly large hard drives. And companies once dominant took a back seat. Seagate’s fortunes have waxed and waned, Western Digital just one year ago ruled the roost with it’s external USB HDDs. Now Seagate is trying to re-capture mindshare by releasing new products before its competitors do. Witness now the spinning disk drive density king (for the moment).

  • Seagate, Toshiba to Make SSD + HDD Hybrid?

    We saw a quick and unceremonious demise to Microsoft’s ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive technology released at the dawn of the Vista era. Flash caches on the motherboard or worse yet, reusing a Flash memory stick as a disk cache never caught on. But now Seagate’s revisiting the idea of a hybrid hard drive by marrying an SSD and HDD into one logical disk. Is it as fast as an SSD? Is it cheaper than an SSD? Let’s take a look.

  • Which way the wind blows: Flash Memory in the Data Center

    There are some new markets in Flash solid state disks opening up at the Enterprise storage level. But who and what can we expect? STEC was the darling last year. Fusion-io the darling this year. Next year? LSI? Micron?