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  • The PC is dead. Why no angry nerds? :: The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It

    In the old telephone dial-up, modem pool days there were a lot of people re-selling their data connections to provide on-ramps to the Information Superhighway. Now that’s about all you can drive on is the Superhighway. All the back streets and side roads are slowly kind of being ignored by the more popular social networking platforms

  • Garmin brings first Android phone to US through T-Mobile | Electronista

    As smartphone started adopting some GPS navigation apps, and using the embedded GPS chips in some phones, Garmin could see it’s dominance slipping. They decided to enter the market two years ago to create a navigation/smartphone called the nuviphone. It eventually hit the market much too late and looked like an expensive mistake. But instead of being scared, Garmin changed their plan a little and now they are back with a strategic shift towards Google.

  • Move Over GPS, Here Comes the Smartphone – NYTimes.com

    Software versus hardware is a tough choice sometimes. But nobody ever can predict how long something like a personal navigation device is going to ‘relevant’. Worse yet, some companies making devices can make some bad strategic choices, which leads me to the Garmin Cell Phone. It’s the software stupid!