ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber • reghardware

Unsung Heroes of Tech Back in the late 1970s you wouldnt have guessed that this shy young Cambridge maths student named Wilson would be the seed for what has now become the hottest-selling microprocessor in the world. via Chris Bidmead: ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber • reghardware. This is an amazing story of how […]

ARM daddy simulates human brain with million-chip super • The Register

Many wondered when this day would come. Many have written and researched and made full on attempts to simulate the brain in silicon. Now with the rise of low power CPUs (Atom,Arm), massively parallel and dense servers (Seamicro,Calxeda,Tilera) it’s time once again to take a stab at it. Luckily this time around one of the guys who designed the ARM cpu is the Principle Investigator. Something big is going to happen I suspect.