AnandTech – Microsoft Provides Windows on ARM Details

As reported by Andrew Cunningham for Anandtech: Weve known that Microsoft has been planning an ARM-compatible version of Windows since well before we knew anything else about Windows 8, but the particulars have often been obscured both by unclear signals from Microsoft itself and subsequent coverage of those unclear signals by journalists. Steven Sinofsky has… Continue reading AnandTech – Microsoft Provides Windows on ARM Details

Expect the First Windows 8 Snapdragon PC Late 2012

To have a really competitive tablet computer you need to have a really good battery and a very conservative cpu with a low TDP (Thermal Design Power). The reason is a tablet is even more portable than the old Portable PC. No one wants to hookup to a power adapter just to get through the day. However, maybe at the end of the day when they go to bed they will plug in the tablet. A cell phone style System on a Chip is a much bigger step towards that goal if it can ship in a Windows 8 tablet. Read On: