Surround Sound

Well after several years of putting it off I have finally bitten the bullet. I went through the arduous process of putting together a cheap, cheap cheap surround sound system composed of the following:

1. Realistic Speakers from my first ever home stereo

2. Cast-off speakers from a Fischer monolithic all in one stereo CD changer/receiver/tape deck.

The old Realistics followed me from my bedroom to College and all the way up to Rochester. I think I got these things soon after the gift of an Onkyo receiver I got in the Christmas of 1984. The Woofers in one of them blew out and I got two replacment woofers to keep them balanced up as a stereo pair. The cast-offs were aquired soon after I declared my wife’s ex-husband’s stereo was dead. I think that thing was then thrown away. But I kept the speakers based on the weight of the cabinet. It felt as if there were some mighty big magnets in there and so most likely they could move some air when asked. So that leaves me without 2 remaining speakers un-accounted for in this 5.1 Surround Sound setup. Where is the centeral speaker channel? Where is the sub-woofer? They are at Radio Shack waiting to be purchased. Rather than go the high end route and spend the big bugs on Cambridge Soundworks, I’m low-balling it all the way. My total outlay will be just over $200 with taxes included. Given that I spent ~$300 for the Panasonic receiver over 3 years ago, I figure that cost has been amortized.

Last night when I hooked everything up it sounded good, but any of the surround sound components were completely muffled due to the lack of the center channel. I know I have to get one tonight or forever regret having gone through this exercise. So after dinner I’m off to the shopping center and hopefully my two chosen speakers will be in stock. Wish me luck.






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