Bob Slydell: What would you say, Ya DO Here?

I watched this video for the second time the  day before Thanksgiving. I agree with it completely, not to make fun of where I work. I will admit in the past I have been juvenile and overly idealistic in my beliefs about the role of managers. We all want to do well I think, but still there’s more than a little truth to the criticism that people get more done outside regular office hours. I used to stay long after our office would close to get all the work done I had put off during the day simply because I didn’t want to lose my place or be interrupted. It really does call into question the logic of The Office, and what is being accomplished in an 8 hour interval each day. And it also calls into question what Work really is. I always just assumed the interruptions were the work, in spite of watching the video, I still feel that is true.







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