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  • Jaunt – Meet the Crazy Camera That Can Make Movies for the Oculus Rift (Jordan Kushins-Gizmodo)

    If Facebook buying Oculus for a cool $2 billion is a step towards democratizing the currently-niche platform, Jaunt seems like an equally monumental step towards making awesome virtual reality content that appeals to folks beyond the gaming community. The VR movies in addition to VR games. via Meet the Crazy Camera That Can Make Movies […]


  • Nvidia Pulls off ‘Industrial Light and Magic’-Like Tools | EE Times

    The president of VMware said after seeing it (and not knowing what he was seeing), “Wow, what movie is that?” And that’s what it’s all about — dispersion of disbelief. You’ve heard me talk about this before, and we’re almost there. I famously predicted at a prestigious event three years ago that by 2015 there […]

  • AnandTech | The Pixel Density Race and its Technical Merits

    If there is any single number that people point to for resolution, it is the 1 arcminute value that Apple uses to indicate a “Retina Display”. via AnandTech | The Pixel Density Race and its Technical Merits. Earlier in my job where I work, I had to try and recommend the resolution people needed to […]

  • Delia Derbyshire – BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Dr. Who Theme

    Delia Derbyshire – BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Dr. Who Theme It’s 50 years since the first episode of Dr. Who aired on the BBC. How will you celebrate? I’m reading this wonder tract from The (British Tech website) and marveling both at the detail and expertise that went into original recordings made by Derbyshire […]

  • A Conversation with Ed Catmull – ACM Queue

    Ed Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith were two key figures in the history of computer animation while they worked at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic. Catmull eventually left ILM to form up Pixar with John Lasseter and Steve Jobs. And Catmull while at Pixar created the first feature length computer animated movie: Toy Story. So if you ever wanted to know a little more about the Computer Scientist behind Pixar, please read this interview.

  • My love letter to Public Television

    Nothing I have ever done or will ever do could come close to matching what PBS has done for millions of American kids and now adults. We came to TV just after Newton N. Minow indicted commercial television producers in May 1961 at the National Association of Broadcasters. And we reaped the benefits I think somewhat disproportionately. But oh, what larks we had.

  • ‘Wait For Me’ : Moby @ NPR Music

    David Lynch inspires Moby and returns the favor by letting Lynch create a music video. Now I’m inspired by Moby and inspired by David Lynch. It’s a gordian knot of inspiration these days.

  • Gordon Bunshaft vs. Robert Venturi

    Modern, International Style architect versus Postmodern Architect, which one will win? The anser may surprise you. Read about the battle of wills: Gordon Bunshaft vs. Robert Venturi, Washington DC 1968.