Announcing the first free software Blu-ray encoder

Blu-ray is still a small bit of total movie sales. And online downloads of movies are still in MPEG-2 format with some HD versions available (in 720p). I know there’s a market for higher resolution and higher frame rates and surround sound. But we’re still not there yet. Until Blu-Ray becomes more widespread, it’s probably a good idea to become familiar with the encoding and transcoding tools that create Blu-Ray compliant video clips

AppleInsider | Augmented reality in iPhone 3.1; new Snow Leopard build

It appears Apple is on board for fully pushing through the whole Augmented Reality capability of the iPhone. Follow the link below: Apple promises that its upcoming iPhone 3.1 release will be the first to officially support augmented reality apps that support the iPhone 3GS’ camera. Also, a new seed of Mac OS X Snow… Continue reading AppleInsider | Augmented reality in iPhone 3.1; new Snow Leopard build

Web Applications for cheapskates

I know some people prefer to buy desktop single purpose applications. I certainly do. But others discover ‘neat’ or ‘cute’ or ‘kewl’ web apps that mimic some of the functionality of their desktop brethren. What is out there? What can you use that’s free? Or is there truly no free lunch.

My love letter to Public Television

Nothing I have ever done or will ever do could come close to matching what PBS has done for millions of American kids and now adults. We came to TV just after Newton N. Minow indicted commercial television producers in May 1961 at the National Association of Broadcasters. And we reaped the benefits I think somewhat disproportionately. But oh, what larks we had.

TidBITS: Welcome to Internet U, via Video

I was raised on the most successful initiatives from Public Television, or ETV as it was previously known (E standing for Educational of course). Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and Reading Rainbow were my bread and butter as a kid. via TidBITS Just for Fun: Welcome to Internet U, via Video. I couldn’t… Continue reading TidBITS: Welcome to Internet U, via Video