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  • Suspenders and a Belt: Tips for backin’ up your Mac

    If you have a Macintosh, the Time Machine backup of your computer may not be enough. You have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of also performing disk clones on your Mac as well.

  • CSS Web Site Design Hands-On Training

    Specifically what is it about CSS that drives me crazy? I am the most evil of ancient dead wood. I am an HTML table man. I got by using tables and got on with my life. I never questioned what I did. I co-worker began beating the drum of usability and web standards about 5 […]


  • Nvidia pitches OpenCL as ‘market builder’ • The Register

    I used to participate pretty heavily in the old Byte Magazine online forums. One particular thread I was actively involved in was Reconfigurable Computing. The premise we followed was that of Field Programmable Gate Arrays becoming so powerful they could be used as CPUs on a desktop computer. Most people felt this was doable, but […]

  • College Music Service Shuts Down

    Ruckus shutdown, Universities are scrambling to provide legal alternatives. But nobody has done a recent review of all the music services out there, or which ones are willing to write agreements with Universities. So here we go again, it’s evaluation time for the music services again.

  • PBS Frontline: ‘Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story’ –

    via PBS Frontline: ‘Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story’ –

  • Laws of attraction

    Always help out your spouse with the housework even if it’s small things she took over from you when you first moved in together. It helps a lot.

  • Trip to Montreal

    If you want to see the Olympic Park and Botanical Gardens well then here they are.

  • GPU accelerated H.264 encoding

    H.264 is the new DivX, the new Xvid as announced yesterday on Right now transcoding Blu-ray movies isn’t exactly at the top of everyone’s list, but using H.264/x264 you can significantly reduce file sizes on any video. x264 is the new DivX and its usefulness extends far beyond just ripping HD movies. Needless to […]

  • Whatcha’ Gonna Do?!

    music culture There was a time I rode the bus in Junior High School where the older black kids brought a boombox onto the bus. I didn’t have a choice but to listen. However I got so used to it being there I didn’t know I would miss it. Work yo’ body, work yo’ body, […]

  • A message, direct from Gods mouth to George Bush’s ears

    My New Year’s resolution: Make George Bush be more Christian, like Gerald Ford