Patriot Torqx Vs. Intel

Now that Windows 7 will support the TRIM command on SSD disk controllers, the defragmentation slow down will go away. But what else is there in store for suffering SSD owners? Well maybe the disk controllers need to be re-architected too. Enter Indilinx in the Patriot Torqx SSD

TidBITS: Welcome to Internet U, via Video

I was raised on the most successful initiatives from Public Television, or ETV as it was previously known (E standing for Educational of course). Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and Reading Rainbow were my bread and butter as a kid. via TidBITS Just for Fun: Welcome to Internet U, via Video. I couldn’t… Continue reading TidBITS: Welcome to Internet U, via Video

“Pine Trail”-Intel’s next Atom CPU revision

Netbooks are a computing platform to reckon with. You only need to look at total sales over the last year to see it’s the only growth area for Intel and the computer manufacturers. I think the performance of Intel Atom CPU’s while not perfect is ‘good enough’. The next target for improvement is to give netbooks the cell phone-like ability to conserve the battery. Maybe Pine Trail can do that.

More word on Larrabee, the i740 of new GPUs

Larrabee is getting larger and later. These are not desirable traits if you are competing in a market dominated by nVidia and AMD. You have to have to on time, no bigger than other competitors GPUs as die size is a huge cost variable. Lastly you have to compete on price. If as Intel is doing you make the product so many things to so many people, and make it outperform products ‘currently’ available,… In two years there will be on market for your product.