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  • The Sandy Bridge Review: Intel Core i7-2600K – AnandTech

    The newest generation of Intel chips was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Some of the technology fanboi websites got early samples of chips and motherboards that use the new chips and chipsets. Aside from having the memory controller on the CPU, another benefit is the integrated graphics chip can be re-purposed to accelerate video transcoding. Intel calls it QuickSync, and I call it effing magic.

  • Announcing the first free software Blu-ray encoder

    Blu-ray is still a small bit of total movie sales. And online downloads of movies are still in MPEG-2 format with some HD versions available (in 720p). I know there’s a market for higher resolution and higher frame rates and surround sound. But we’re still not there yet. Until Blu-Ray becomes more widespread, it’s probably a good idea to become familiar with the encoding and transcoding tools that create Blu-Ray compliant video clips

  • Apple A4 processor really stripped-down Cortex A8? | Electronista

    Following further articles published on the Apple iPad cpu, new reports are surfacing the custom CPU Apple created called the A4 may be an ARM Cortex A8 single core cpu with integrated graphics GPU and controller logic.

  • Intel Gets Graphic with Chip Delay – Bits Blog –

    Intel’s executives were quite brash when talking about Larrabee even though most of its public appearances were made on PowerPoint slides. They said that Larrabee would roar onto the scene and outperform competing products. via Intel Gets Graphic with Chip Delay – Bits Blog – And so now finally the NY Times nails the […]

  • Acrossair on the iPhone

    Who would have thought Augmented Reality on the iPhone was as simple as letting applications ‘float’ their windows over top of the video feed coming from the camera. Well that’s truly how simple it is, but you do as a developer have to create the database of ‘interesting’ coordinates to display over top of the video image. So the real horse race now will be who has the most up-to-date information in their points of interest databases.

  • vReveal uses GPU to accelerate video fixes

    vReveal is trying to take advantage of nVidia GPUs to clean up poorly shot video in the consumer/video sharing market. Accelerating video processing is always going to be a killer app for anyone trying to leverage a PC with a beefy GPU available.