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  • Time to plumb the depths of the Fediverse

    Mastodon don’t fail me now! It’s that time, the time where people adopt the next big thing. Just like when I got my first FB account in 2005 and sat around waiting for the big wave to come in (2007) I had 1 half-hearted attempt at a Mastadon account, that I let go fallow. But […]


  • National Film Board – Universe (1960)

    This film was so novel in it’s day people freaked out at how good it was. The production values were exemplary. No crappy animations, or amateurish attempts at lighting. No. This was space as rendered by Norman McLaren’s National Film Board. And that narration, the voice,… that gentle whispery voice of Canadian stage actor Douglas […]

  • The rents are too-damned high: Shkreli-nomics writ large

    From the Martin Shkreli school of product pricing, I give you RealPage: More or less you can subscribe to this service and “anonymously” compare your tenant leases with others in your area. Therefore it’s “NOT” collusion, or price-fixing, or gouging. Let the algorithm do the work of raising the rents.

  • OpenVerse what are you waiting for?!

    Checkout Alan Levine’s blog, outlining the benefits of using OpenVerse for image searches. Ditch Google Image search this very minute. They’ve given up, they don’t care. What’s cooler still is if you’re on a hosted site like me, you already can access OpenVerse from the Upload Image button in the Block editor. It shows […]

  • Moral Injury Is an Invisible Epidemic That Affects Millions — Scientific American News

    A specific kind of trauma results when a person’s core principles are violated during wartime or a pandemic Moral Injury Is an Invisible Epidemic That Affects Millions — Scientific American News And Today I Learned – there’s a thing called “Moral Injury” which is separate and independent of PTSD. And it’s something that can be treated. […]

  • The iPhone 14 is the most repairable iPhone in years — AppleInsider News

    While the iPhone 14 features aren’t hugely different from the iPhone 13, a teardown reveals Apple has made internal changes which make repairs easier.Below the iPhone 14 display [via iFixit]Apple doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to enabling repairs. It has begrudgingly started to provide repair manuals and loans out tools to replace… The […]

  • Japan removes tour guide requirement for foreign tourists

    New entry rules go into effect next month, but the borders won’t be completely open just yet. Japan has been reopened to foreign tourists for nearly three months now, but you wouldn’t know it by looking around. That’s because currently inbound leisure travelers are only allowed into the country as part of guided tours, which… […]

  • A message from the Reverend

    I think Alan Levine no doubt pre-dates me in “doing” edtech. I got started in May 1996 doing edtech support which (in spite of teh crazy webz and Internet Bubble) was targeting production of CD-ROMs, interactive multimedia. Hypercard and Macromedia Director and Authorware, etc. Heady days those were, and each and every software package allowed […]

  • Backblaze On Hard Disk Reliability — DSHR’s Blog

    It has been a long time since I blogged about the invaludable hard drive reliability data that Backblaze has been publishing quarterly since 2015, so I checked their blog and found ndy Klein’s Star Wars themed Backblaze Drive Stats for Q1 2022, as well as his fascinating How Long Do Disk Drives Last?. Below the… Backblaze […]

  • Japan to begin accepting tourists from the U.S., three other countries this month

    Inbound foreign tourists will have to comply with numerous requirements. Earlier this month, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, while giving a speech in London, pledged his intention to begin opening Japan’s borders this summer, with the eventual goal of making entry into Japan for inbound overseas travelers as smooth as other G7 nations. On Tuesday […]