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  • A message from the Reverend

    I think Alan Levine no doubt pre-dates me in “doing” edtech. I got started in May 1996 doing edtech support which (in spite of teh crazy webz and Internet Bubble) was targeting production of CD-ROMs, interactive multimedia. Hypercard and Macromedia Director and Authorware, etc. Heady days those were, and each and every software package allowed […]

  • Backblaze On Hard Disk Reliability — DSHR’s Blog

    It has been a long time since I blogged about the invaludable hard drive reliability data that Backblaze has been publishing quarterly since 2015, so I checked their blog and found ndy Klein’s Star Wars themed Backblaze Drive Stats for Q1 2022, as well as his fascinating How Long Do Disk Drives Last?. Below the… Backblaze […]

  • Japan to begin accepting tourists from the U.S., three other countries this month

    Inbound foreign tourists will have to comply with numerous requirements. Earlier this month, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, while giving a speech in London, pledged his intention to begin opening Japan’s borders this summer, with the eventual goal of making entry into Japan for inbound overseas travelers as smooth as other G7 nations. On Tuesday […]

  • Japan to start easing entry restrictions for foreign travelers next month, prime mister promises — SoraNews24 -Japan News-

    Says Japan’s coronavirus countermeasures have proven successful. Since you’re reading SoraNews24, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re interested in Japan, and would like to come to the country to see it for yourself. Unfortunately, if you’re a tourist, that hasn’t really been an option for the last two years-plus.… Japan […]

  • Arian Horbovetz – Failing Our Most Vulnerable — The Urban Phoenix

    A photo that shows why building roads with no shoulder, no sidewalk and 4 lanes of speeding traffic is downright irresponsible Failing Our Most Vulnerable — The Urban Phoenix This all too true for the community where Arian and I both live. Whether it’s the city or the tightly coupled suburbs (more often suburbs) there’s no […]

  • Reclaim Instructional Technology

    amen, and amen Reclaim Hosting is extending it’s product offerings to include more generalized Instructional Technology and not just Domain of Ones Own and Reclaim Hosting. It’s that and more. Check it out in the YT video below:

  • Zoom and Room: hidden labour — lawrie : converged

    I got married in 2006. It was great, we’d decided to get married on a ski slope in Canada. We flew out with a group of friends, skied around for a week or so, got married on a slope, had drinks and food, skied some more and came home. Piece of cake! Or at least… Zoom […]

  • Tech Workers Are Resigned to Layoffs — Sixth Tone RSS

    Repeated rumors of tech layoffs since this year have made those in big tech companies psychologically prepared. Tech Workers Are Resigned to Layoffs — Sixth Tone RSS No surprise really that China, who has depended on 5% economic growth every year (or more in the early days), is slowly winding down the wild west, frontier days […]

  • Jolene – Javelin

    There are still plenty of remarkable “digital artifacts,” as I thought of them while I was combing through Ukrainian social media posts for Black Square—for instance, a Kyiv rockabilly musician posted a video of himself in his fatigues, crouching in a hallway, singing a song he wrote about Javelin missiles set to the tune of […]

  • Luggage Rolly Wheels Yes luggage rolly-wheels do suck stringy fibres up into them. I also notice this with office chairs too. One could build a wig out of all the human hair wrapped around the axles of all the Herman Miller chairs in the offices where I work.