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  • Nvidia Pulls off ‘Industrial Light and Magic’-Like Tools | EE Times

    The president of VMware said after seeing it (and not knowing what he was seeing), “Wow, what movie is that?” And that’s what it’s all about — dispersion of disbelief. You’ve heard me talk about this before, and we’re almost there. I famously predicted at a prestigious event three years ago that by 2015 there […]


  • Apple patents hint at future AR screen tech for iPad | Electronista

    A lot of Augmented Reality today is centered on software developments running on smartphones. Whether they be Android or iPhone doesn’t matter they want those wonderfully powerful embedded computers available to do all the work onboard the device itself. But, what if the device was not required to do all that heavy lifting itself. What if it off-loaded that work to a data center in North Carolina and beamed back the results to your device?

  • A Conversation with Ed Catmull – ACM Queue

    Ed Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith were two key figures in the history of computer animation while they worked at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic. Catmull eventually left ILM to form up Pixar with John Lasseter and Steve Jobs. And Catmull while at Pixar created the first feature length computer animated movie: Toy Story. So if you ever wanted to know a little more about the Computer Scientist behind Pixar, please read this interview.

  • Toshiba 3D flash chip

    One may ask themselves how is it Flash Memory densities are getting so high? The iPhone now uses a single 32GB Flash chip from Toshiba. In the past it would have taken a minimum of 4 chips to reach that amount of storage. The answer is they stack the chips one on top of the other, read more inside: