Blog U.: Augmented Reality and the Layar Reality Browser

Augmented Reality is different from virtual reality in the way that digital information is combined with the real world you see, feel and walk inside. It can be hand when you’re trying to find a location on foot, but it can also give you extra information when you are curious about a Point of Interest that pops up within the camera view of the street, building, or space in front of you. These data points have to be created though, and without the authors there’s very little Augmentation going on. I can imagine some black holes in some areas as most people depend on Google searches providing information about a Point of Interest. But it’s early days, and there’s a lot of stuff to discover on your own. Check out Layar for the iPhone or Droid.

Layar is in the iPhone App Store! « Layar

With all the hub-bub surround Augmented Reality at O’’s Radar website an early entrant into the cell phone AR market has now widened their appeal. Formerly only available on Android cell phones, Layar has been ported to the iPhone and will compete with some later entrants into the cell phone AR market.

Bionic Eye

Finally all the breathless press releases and speculative writing by touts and promoters has lead to a final release of an Augmented Reality application for the iPhone. Let the market decide whether or not AR is a compelling mix of technologies especially given the list price of $1 on the AppStore website. I say for $1, you cannot go wrong.

AppleInsider | Augmented reality in iPhone 3.1; new Snow Leopard build

It appears Apple is on board for fully pushing through the whole Augmented Reality capability of the iPhone. Follow the link below: Apple promises that its upcoming iPhone 3.1 release will be the first to officially support augmented reality apps that support the iPhone 3GS’ camera. Also, a new seed of Mac OS X Snow… Continue reading AppleInsider | Augmented reality in iPhone 3.1; new Snow Leopard build

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Local Knowledge is near and dear to the hearts of many a traveler. Along with dead reckoning and luck, someone could light out for the territories and have an adventure or two. Nowadays with the military industrial complex letting its technologies trickle down to the civilian population we can all benefit from the GPS satellite network. Personal navigation aids like in car GPS or handheld GPS are a boon for people who in the past had to use maps or spouse to help guide the way. But whither the romantic traveler who wanted to interact with the locals and talk and learn things, what will they do in the new age of technology?