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  • Fusion-ios flash drill threatens to burst Violins pipes • The Register

    NoSQL database supplier Couchbase says it is tweaking its key-value storage server to hook into Fusion-ios PCIe flash ioMemory products – caching the hottest data in RAM and storing lukewarm info in flash. Couchbase will use the ioMemory SDK to bypass the host operating systems IO subsystems and buffers to drill straight into the flash […]


  • Fusion-io shoves OS aside, lets apps drill straight into flash • The Register

    Like the native API libraries, directFS is implemented directly on ioMemory, significantly reducing latency by entirely bypassing operating system buffer caches, file system and kernel block I/O layers. Fusion-io directFS will be released as a practical working example of an application running natively on flash to help developers explore the use of Fusion-io APIs. via […]

  • AnandTech – Some Thoughts on SandForces 3rd Generation SSD Controller

    Finally theres talk about looking at other interfaces in addition to SATA. Its possible that we may see a PCIe version of SandForces 3rd generation controller. via AnandTech – Some Thoughts on SandForces 3rd Generation SSD Controller. Some interesting notes about future directions SandForce might take especially now that SandForce has been bought out by […]

  • Fusion-io demos billion IOPS server config • The Register

    Fusion-io has achieved a billion IOPS from eight servers in a demonstration at the DEMO Enterprise event in San Francisco. The cracking performance needed just eight HP DL370 G6 servers, running Linux on two, 6-core Intel processors, 96GB RAM. Each server was fitted with eight 2.4TB ioDrive2 Duo PCIE flash drives; thats 19.2TB of […]

  • Fusion plays its card: The Ten of Terabytes • The Register

    It seems like every time competitors in the PCIe SSD market start to reach performance and density parity, Fusion-io creates a new product that raises the bar a little bit higher. Witness the king of the PCIe density race, the new 10TByte Fusion-io PCIe SSD. Read On:

  • New OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD Achieves Record

    There’s no other way to accomplish fast throughput than to adopt the latest greatest technologies and in SSDs that is a SandForce flash memory controller. Since the release of their 2000 series controller SandForce has proven they have got a sizable lead over their competitors in flat-out Read/Write speeds. What then would happen if you took this technology and followed it to its logical conclusion? Check it out:

  • Viking Modular plugs flash chips into memory sockets • The Register

    I remember the old days when computers ‘re-used’ the system level RAM memory for video on the computer. However the performance disadvantage of doing this was readily apparent when Intel developed video bus technologies VESA Local Bus, AGP, PCIe. So I’m a little surprised a company has developed Flash memory modules for the RAM memory slots on a PC motherboard. What do they hope to gain by building this hybrid disk, memory module. How is seen by the OS? Is it a disk or is RAM memory, many questions.

  • OCZ Vertex 3 Preview – AnandTech

    SandForce has been working on the SF-2000 series drive controllers for the Flash memory disk market for a while. Hints and whispers indicated as did previous generation products, that the newest controller from SandForce would be wildly expensive, but also incredibly fast as well. However, while the OCZ Vertex 3 Pro more or less confirmed the hints and whispers, the ‘consumer’ grade OCZ Vertex 3 (non-Pro) has toppled all those suspicions. We now have on the market a high end, but not outrageously priced SATA 6 drive that can achieve 500MB/s Read/Write throughput. Can PCIe based drives be far behind?

  • OCZ Reveals New Bootable PCIe SSD (quick comparison to Angelbird PCIe)

    Many, many companies are making many announcements in the product category of PCI Express SSD drives. This once rare and expensive product is now being developed into a bigger market with standards organizations being formed and a flurry of new products being announced recently. What does this all mean for you? Hopefully it means the prices will come down, but first let’s take a look at a new product from OCZ.

  • Which way the wind blows: Flash Memory in the Data Center

    There are some new markets in Flash solid state disks opening up at the Enterprise storage level. But who and what can we expect? STEC was the darling last year. Fusion-io the darling this year. Next year? LSI? Micron?