Apple, Google Just Killed Portable GPS Devices | Autopia |

Note this is a draft of an article I wrote back in June when Apple announced it was going to favor its own Maps app over Google Maps and take G-Maps out of the Apple Store altogether. This blog went on hiatus just 2 weeks after that. And a whirlwind number of staff changes occurred… Continue reading Apple, Google Just Killed Portable GPS Devices | Autopia |

Augmented Reality intersects with GPS Navigation

App Stores are all the rage only because they seem to foster a “competitive advantage” by reining in the add-ons people make for your devices. As the manufacturer of said device, you can open up the platform slightly and make some big gains in the marketplace. GPS personal navigation devices (PND) have been a cul-de-sac when it comes to third party developers. Proprietary OSes and data formats were designed to keep reverse engineers constantly on their toes and keep competitors from cloning functionality very quickly. TomTom innovated quickly in a market dominated by a fairly slow, conservative Garmin. Now that App Stores are the next frontier, what is TomTom going to do?

AppleInsider | Google to bring free turn-by-turn navigation to Apple iPhone (NOT)

MacUser interviewed Google officials at a press conference in London, England. In an odd uncoordinated set of announcements it first appeared true, then later in the day flatly denied that Apple would be getting Google Maps for the iPhone. Unfortunately even places like Slashdot with its board of editors and vetters even got this article up before the denial. So what’s up, with Google and Google Maps on the iPhone? Read On:

Garmin brings first Android phone to US through T-Mobile | Electronista

As smartphone started adopting some GPS navigation apps, and using the embedded GPS chips in some phones, Garmin could see it’s dominance slipping. They decided to enter the market two years ago to create a navigation/smartphone called the nuviphone. It eventually hit the market much too late and looked like an expensive mistake. But instead of being scared, Garmin changed their plan a little and now they are back with a strategic shift towards Google.

AppleInsider | TomTom for Apple iPhone released in U.S. App Store for $99

Apple Insider reports this morning that the TomTom GPS application has appeared in the U.S. AppStore. And if you decided to get the external antenna you can even use your iPod Touch as a GPS. That is way cool and way more useful than I had previously thought this was going to be. Kudos for… Continue reading AppleInsider | TomTom for Apple iPhone released in U.S. App Store for $99

Augmented Reality –

Local Knowledge is near and dear to the hearts of many a traveler. Along with dead reckoning and luck, someone could light out for the territories and have an adventure or two. Nowadays with the military industrial complex letting its technologies trickle down to the civilian population we can all benefit from the GPS satellite network. Personal navigation aids like in car GPS or handheld GPS are a boon for people who in the past had to use maps or spouse to help guide the way. But whither the romantic traveler who wanted to interact with the locals and talk and learn things, what will they do in the new age of technology?