AppleInsider | Google to bring free turn-by-turn navigation to Apple iPhone (NOT)

Google now denies they are releasing Google Maps for the iPhone. Take this whole article with a big grain of salt. I’m just glad I didn’t post this immediately after reading the original article on AppleInsider. By the end of the day last Friday April 23rd, Google was denying the rumor already. The moral of the story is look before you leap.

Google this week said it plans to bring Google Maps Navigation, its free turn-by-turn GPS software already available on Android, as an application for Apple’s iPhone.

According to MacUser, Google officials confirmed at a London, England, press conference that its satellite navigation software would be coming to “other” platforms, including the iPhone. No dates for potential availability were given

via AppleInsider | Google to bring free turn-by-turn navigation to Apple iPhone.

April 23rd 2010 Amazing, just when you thought you knew what was going on Google can come along and change things entirely. I ask how does one give away GPS navigation? Four years ago this couldn’t have been conceived or dreamed of given the market for GPS navigation. Now, meh, just give it away. I wish Google great success as this is almost compelling enough for me to get an iPhone now.

Previously you needed an Android based Smartphone usually available only on Verizon. But now there’s a multitude off choices, Garmin’s A50 is coming to AT&T and has my favorite navigation interface along with Google Maps if you want it. Which is what I would prefer. I’m hoping Garmin continues to evolve this to integrate any and all live data it cannot incorporate with its stand alone navigation units which to date don’t have live internet connections (whereas TomTom Live! units do). I’m most interested in any live data that might benefit me in a sudden traffic jam or a new Point of Interest not compiled since the last download/update to the navigation software.

Google’s entry to the iPhone navigation arena would force TomTom, Navigon, and now Garmin all to take heed and compete more vigorously especially since Google would be giving its software away. I’m guessing they could promote themselves as being advertisement free alternatives to the Google Maps Navigation?







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