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  • nVidia Gsync video scalar on the horizon

    http://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1320783 nVidia is making a new bit of electronics hardware to be added to LCD displays made by third party manufacturers. The idea is to send syncing data to the display to let it know when a frame is rendered by the 3D video hardware on the video card. Having this bit of extra electronics […]


  • Nvidia: No magic compilers for HPC coprocessors • The Register

    And with clock speeds topped out and electricity use and cooling being the big limiting issue, Scott says that an exaflops machine running at a very modest 1GHz will require one billion-way parallelism, and parallelism in all subsystems to keep those threads humming. via Nvidia: No magic compilers for HPC coprocessors • The Register. Interesting […]

  • AnandTech – Qualcomms New Snapdragon S4: MSM8960 & Krait Architecture Explored

    Given Tuesday’s announcement of the first ARM-15 architecture chip from ARM and TMSC, the ball is rolling now. We’re getting closer and closer to desktop capable CPUs in terms of clock, core and now data/instruction bus widths. Once the ARM-15 64bit chip hits the market Qualcomm is going to need to accelerate its development of competing chips. But for now, I think integrating many functions into the same die will have to do. Here now is Qualcomm’s SnapDragon, Read On: