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  • Apple, Google Just Killed Portable GPS Devices | Autopia | Wired.com

    Note this is a draft of an article I wrote back in June when Apple announced it was going to favor its own Maps app over Google Maps and take G-Maps out of the Apple Store altogether. This blog went on hiatus just 2 weeks after that. And a whirlwind number of staff changes occurred […]

  • AppleInsider | Apple seen merging iOS, Mac OS X with custom A6 chip in 2012

    In the bad old days of 1996 when Apple’s marketshare hit rock bottom, everyone fled to Windows 95 en masse. Disparaging the Mac OS every single one of the ‘professional’ technical press predicted the end of Apple. Oh, how wrong they were and the Mac loyal fan-base crowed and shouted with joy that Apple has now achieved a terrific comeback. But, whither the loyal fan-base from days gone by from the Dark Ages pre-Steve, 1996? They will all become part of the iOS collective, they too will be assimilated. Read On:

  • Blog U.: Augmented Reality and the Layar Reality Browser

    Augmented Reality is different from virtual reality in the way that digital information is combined with the real world you see, feel and walk inside. It can be hand when you’re trying to find a location on foot, but it can also give you extra information when you are curious about a Point of Interest that pops up within the camera view of the street, building, or space in front of you. These data points have to be created though, and without the authors there’s very little Augmentation going on. I can imagine some black holes in some areas as most people depend on Google searches providing information about a Point of Interest. But it’s early days, and there’s a lot of stuff to discover on your own. Check out Layar for the iPhone or Droid.

  • AppleInsider | Google to bring free turn-by-turn navigation to Apple iPhone (NOT)

    MacUser interviewed Google officials at a press conference in London, England. In an odd uncoordinated set of announcements it first appeared true, then later in the day flatly denied that Apple would be getting Google Maps for the iPhone. Unfortunately even places like Slashdot with its board of editors and vetters even got this article up before the denial. So what’s up, with Google and Google Maps on the iPhone? Read On:

  • Layar is in the iPhone App Store! « Layar

    With all the hub-bub surround Augmented Reality at O’Reilly.com’s Radar website an early entrant into the cell phone AR market has now widened their appeal. Formerly only available on Android cell phones, Layar has been ported to the iPhone and will compete with some later entrants into the cell phone AR market.

  • AppleInsider | TomTom for Apple iPhone released in U.S. App Store for $99

    Apple Insider reports this morning that the TomTom GPS application has appeared in the U.S. AppStore. And if you decided to get the external antenna you can even use your iPod Touch as a GPS. That is way cool and way more useful than I had previously thought this was going to be. Kudos for […]

  • Reseller lists TomTom iPhone kit

    It’s not cheap, but the TomTom accessory kit for the iPhone 3GS is now listed on a re-seller’s website. Hopefully the Navigon and AT&T iPhone Apps haven’t stolen the thunder of the original TomTom announcement. But I guarantee the GPS performance will be a lot faster with an external device. I’m not criticizing the internal […]

  • PowerVR maker – Imagination Inc.

    Intel and Apple are making big bets on the mobile graphics market. Look at the percentage of ownership they both have in the company called Imagination. They make the graphics core used in the iPhone and the Palm Pre. Intel has yet to use the PowerVR architecture in any products

  • iPhone ships w/Toshiba 32GB flash memory

    Going back a few weeks I dug up this article about Toshiba’s groundbreaking 32nm/32GB stacked flash memory module. Toshiba on Monday revealed that it has started shipping its 32 nanometer NAND flash memory ahead of schedule. Originally planned for the fall, the higher-density storage is already being sampled today and should be in mass production […]

  • My GAF Viewmaster Viewer

    Beware! There be Futurists about all weekend long as the Apple WWDC starts next week. Everyone wants a scoop, or an opportunity to wax philosophical and all. O’Reilly Radar is there to wax with the best of ’em.