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  • iPod classic stock dwindling at Apple

    A few news outlets have also speculated on the meaning of Samsung’s announcement of their newest, largest capacity 1.8 inch HDD. Now some enterprising tech news hounds have discovered that the supply off the iPod Classic is ‘constrained’ through bigger outlets like Amazon.com though the Apple Store online seems to still be showing supplies of the gray colored option. Which all leads to the question what gives?


  • Toshiba rolls out 220GB-Could the iPod Classic see a refresh?

    I still think the iPod Classic is a very useful product. A lot of fanbois of the iPhone/Touch persuasion will demand Apple drop the Classic like a hot potato and go without spinning hard drives one and for all time. I say bring on the HDDs. It’s useful technology and still holds more files for less money even as Flash memory prices come down and volume production ramps up.

  • Apple lineup: The Netbook is already here.

    Say you that own a cell phone and you’re already an AT&T subscriber. You envy all your friends who have purchased iPhones, but you know AT&T forces you to buy a pretty substantial data plan to connect that iPhone to the Internet where you may roam. That’s bee the single biggest deal breaker for me since the iPhone was introduced. So what if you could have an iPhone (sort of) without paying for the Data Plan?