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  • Tilera | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com

    Tilera’s roadmap calls for its next generation of processors, code-named Stratton, to be released in 2013. The product line will expand the number of processors in both directions, down to as few as four and up to as many as 200 cores. The company is going from a 40-nm to a 28-nm process, meaning they’re […]


  • HP hooks up with Calxeda to form server ARMy • The Register

    By itself Calxeda has made some big plans attempting to create computers like the SeaMicro SM10000. But the ability to manufacture on any scale and then sell that product is a bit limited. But as of today HP has partnered with Calxeda to sell product and help design a server using the reference design for a compute node. So the ball is rolling, and now there’s a third leg in this race between the Compute Cloud in a Box manufacturers (Calxeda, SeaMicro and Tilera). Read On:

  • David May, parallel processing pioneer • reghardware

    Exotic chip architectures are always interesting because they tend to be designed to fix a very particular problem. The transputer was designed to be general purpose enough that you could get it to solve a variety of problems as long as you had the chops and the development tools to do it. It was in its day a massively parallel computer in a single chip.

  • Tilera throws gauntlet at Intels feet • The Register

    I still have great hopes for Tilera in the data center cloud market place. But the only real competition out there now is Seamicro’s own SM-10000×64 which is tearing up the charts with Intel’s Atom N570. Once Tilera is able to ship its chips in volume and get manufacturers to start building servers with Tilera CPUs inside, it will be a true horse race.

  • Tilera preps 100-core chips for network gear • The Register

    What darkness lurks in the hearts of men? Only the shadow knows right? Or possibly a Tilera Chip sitting in an NSA data skimming operation located at your local Internet GigaPOP.