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  • Fusion-ios flash drill threatens to burst Violins pipes • The Register

    NoSQL database supplier Couchbase says it is tweaking its key-value storage server to hook into Fusion-ios PCIe flash ioMemory products – caching the hottest data in RAM and storing lukewarm info in flash. Couchbase will use the ioMemory SDK to bypass the host operating systems IO subsystems and buffers to drill straight into the flash […]


  • From Big Data to NoSQL: Part 3 (ReadWriteWeb.com)

    While I am not a DB admin, I do appreciate the wealth of new database projects spawned by the likes of Google’s MapReduce/BigTables architecture. Similarly the non-traditional Nonrelational DBs are also very interesting and prove that there’s always a right tool for the right job. Though some programmers and developers will continuously try to hammer each nail with MySQL, there options for them are increasing. Whether it’s scale, load, malleability there’s a NoSQL/NewSQL product that will do the job.

  • From Big Data to NoSQL: Part 2 (from ReadWriteWeb)

    ReadWriteWeb’s part 2 of a series of surveys looking at the tools being developed for real-time analytics, data stream processing and Big Data in general. I don’t know what the database of the future will look like, but they’ll call it NoSQL.

  • NoSQL is What? (via Jeremy Zawodny’s blog)

    Great set of comments along with a very good description of advantages of using NoSQL in a web application. There seems to be quite a bit of philosophical differences over whether or not NoSQL needs to be chosen at the earliest stages of ANY project. But Jeremy’s comments more or less prove, you pick the […]

  • From Big Data to NoSQL: The ReadWriteWeb Guide to Data Terminology (Part 1)

    I don’t know if you have ever heard of Relational Databases or Structured Query Language. They became di rigeur after 1977 in most corporate data centers pushing more power into the hands of users instead of programmers. But that type of structured data can only carry you so far until you bump against its limits. In this age of Social Networking and data gathering on users, we are severely testing the limits of the last big thing in databases.

  • Microsoft Research Watch: AI, NoSQL and Microsoft’s Big Data Future

    Microsoft has a Cloud Data platform entitled Azure that competes with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). However beyond just having a product offering out there to let people use their C# development environment for making cloud based applications, there doesn’t seem to be a greater grander goal. Or is there,…

  • Big Web Operations Turn to Tiny Chips – NYTimes.com

    Stephen O’Grady, a founder at the technology analyst company RedMonk, said the technology industry often has swung back and forth between more standard computing systems and specialized gear. via Big Web Operations Turn to Tiny Chips – NYTimes.com. A little tip of the hat to Andrew Feldman, CEO of SeaMicro the startup company that announced […]