NoSQL is What? (via Jeremy Zawodny’s blog)

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Image by Flickr / Jeremy Zawodny via CrunchBase

Great set of comments along with a very good description of advantages of using NoSQL in a web application. There seems to be quite a bit of philosophical differences over whether or not NoSQL needs to be chosen at the earliest stages of ANY project. But Jeremy’s comments more or less prove, you pick the right tool for the right job, ‘Nuff Said.

Jeremy Zawodny: I found myself reading NoSQL is a Premature Optimization a few minutes ago and threw up in my mouth a little. That article is so far off base that I’m not even sure where to start, so I guess I’ll go in order. In fact, I would argue that starting with NoSQL because you think you might someday have enough traffic and scale to warrant it is a premature optimization, and as such, should be avoided by smaller and even medium sized organizations.  You … Read More

via Jeremy Zawodny’s blog




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