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  • OCZ sells out to Toshiba (it’s been good to know yuh’)

    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/12/03/toshiba_buys_ocz/ Seems like it was only two years ago when OCZ bought out memory controller and intellectual property (IP) holder Indilinx for it’s own branded SSD products. At the time everyone was buying SandForce memory controllers to keep up with the Joneses. Speed-wise and performance-wise SandForce was king. But with so many competitors about using […]

  • Intels Plans for New SSDs in 2012 Detailed

    The race is to supply PCIe SSDs is really heating up now. Many competitors in the top-end Enterprise level are battling it out with each new revision of the SandForce drive controller. In the Middle and Low ends, there’s a little more variety thanks to OCZ and now Intel entering the race. Hopefully prices will stay the same while performance shoots through the roof. that appears to be the trend right now anyways. So don’t expect 2GBytes/sec and 1Tbyte capacity for anything less than $10K USD. That’s par for the course in the Enterprise market still, Read On: